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Scholarship Talk Study in China (PPIT Shandong X HMPS SI UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta)

October, 23rd 2021—The Student Association of English Letters collaborates with PPIT Shandong in order to held the Scholarship Talk Study in China. The event is held in virtual way using Zoom Meeting as the platform. The event is also attended by the various students from UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta and outside. The event is the new program from Passionate division that the purpose is to give the spacer for student to discuss about scholarship especially in the China.

As the proverb says “Learn all the way to China”, the event agenda is to give insight the college student specifically the English Letters student of UIN Surakarta for searching the knowledge to a higher level.

The event is held from 04.00 p.m accompanied by the special speakers namely Nihlah Chalidah (CGS Dual Degree Program Awardee), Almira Islamie Pratiwi (CGS Dual Degree Program Awardee) and Aini Rosyidah (Chinese Government Scholarship Silk-Road Program Awardee). The participants enthusiastically join the event. They are so interactive with the material given. Miss Nur Asiyah as the head of the department of English Letters UIN Surakarta also joins the event and gives the opening speech.

The event provides information that there are many ways to get scholarship in China. So, this event is expected to attract student to learn in China. The event ended with Q & A session and photo session. In addition, there is the telegram group to inform about scholarship both in China and elsewhere.

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