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Sembukan Beach on Paranggupito

MEDIA-One of the most beautiful places in this world is the beach. Beach an area of sand or small stones near the sea or another area of water such as a lake. There are many things that can find on the beach such as boardwalk, shore, coast, tide pool, waves, driftwood, conch shell, and so on. After all, a beach is a great place to relax and have a good time with friends or family.

Not many people know that there are many beautiful beaches in Central Java, people just know about some beautiful beaches on Yogyakarta like Parangtritis Beach. One of the beautiful beaches in Central Java is Sembukan Beach. It is located in Paranggupito Village in Paranggupito District, Wonogiri Regency of Central Java that placed around 40 kilometers from Wonogiri City. It is remote, but accessible by motorcycle or car. For entering the beach, the tourists only need to pay a ticket with the price of about 5000 IDR for each person before they can enjoy the beautiful scenery that Sembukan Beach has. There are about three hills near the beach that can be used as a place for viewing and capture photos. In addition, access to these three hills is very good. So it's very easy for tourists to walk up there. On every hill, there are a mosque, a paseban, and a sanggar that built for an additional facility for tourists. Sembukan beach is also usually used to do a ritual by certain people. They usually do that ritual in the night of 1 syura (Islamic calendar) or on Thursday night.

There are some strong large corals and many sharps small corals on the shoreline, so it is really dangerous for swimming there. In addition, the waves are also very large and sometimes it brings driftwood that could hurt the tourist. After the tourist satisfied exploring the beach and suddenly feeling hungry, they don't need to worry about food because there are already small food stalls around the beach that sell various types of food and drinks with good facilities. While eating, the tourist also can enjoy the scenery of Sembukan Beach from the stalls and hear the sound of the wave that crashing into the corals. That would be a sight that can never be forgotten.

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