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Sharing is Caring

The sharing literature program was held in the month of Ramadan 1445H, at the same time as the Covid-19 case in Indonesia was still quite high. That even did not dampen the intention and determination of the members of the English Literature Student Association to carry out sharing and charity activities to fellow human beings, especially to the underprivileged community.

This activity aims to foster a sense of caring and empathy for HMPS SI members so that they are moved to help each other. This "Sharing Literature" activity is in the form of food for breaking the fast which is distributed to the homeless, pedicab drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers who are on the streets.

The activity is carried out in the afternoon. The members gather on campus first. Then they go together to the streets, especially around campus. The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the members of HMPS SI is very high in this "Sharing Literature" activity.

After distributing iftar food to those who need around the street, the members of HMPS SI break their fast together. The joy and fun felt by the members of HMPS SI was obvious. Finally, after breaking their fast together, the members of HMPS SI went back to their home.

This event was really very successful because of the internal support of HMPS staff, students, and lecturers. There was also a support from external parties such as the village head, neighborhood, and local residents. Hopefully in the future we can hold social service events in a larger scope so that many people can feel the assistance we provide in the form of energy, money, water, basic necessities, and other needs.

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