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Six English Letters Students, One Big Project

SASTRATSUKI-Muhammad Wiku Chandra, Luki Refandri, Adam Bisma, Setya Santosa, Jamik Choiriyah, and Malik Prayogi directed the teaser filming for FAIRY TALE (Theatrical Application for Learning English) this year. Taking place in Balekambang Park, the teaser making saw fourteen actors from thirteen classes of English Letters and English Education. "We're trying to adjust the teaser with FAIRY TALE X's theme, La Famiglia, and thus, our focus is to create a family feel of the acting.", said Luki Refandri. After editing and adjusting the teaser with FAIRY TALE X's soundtrack, composed by Rizky Herlambang, English Letters students 2012, the teaser will mark its launch on the opening of the English drama festival on 19 May 2016.  (Oyaji)

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