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Social Service in Boyolali

Boyolali- The English Letters Student Association (HMPS SI) of UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta held social service (bakti sosial). HMPS SI is one of the student organizations of the family-based English Letters Department. One of the functions of HMPS SI is as an executor of activities that are still related to student activities and student creativities. HMPS SI has many work programs and various activities carried out by its members. One of them is social service. This year's social service was held in the village of Ngrandu, Kedungrejo, Boyolali, Central Java.

Every year several villages in Boyolali Regency experience difficulties. This year, Ngrandu Kadungrejo has difficulty for accessing clean water. Residents have to look for clean water in a neighbor village which is quite far away. The help from the government cannot cover the water needs of local residents. The problem of the lack of clean water is a concern for HMPS SI members. With the help of funds from the campus and sponsorship, this social service activity can be carried out. Each member works hand in hand to succeed this activity.

For the good intentions of the students and the shared passion for goodness, the student organization chaired by Syahrul Mukarrom succeed to conduct social service activities to help residents who were in trouble. This activity was carried out on Tuesday/16/11/2021, the members of HMPS SI began to distribute aid in the form of basic necessities (such as oil, rice, sugar, instant noodles and tea) as well as clean water for the residents. Of course, this activity aims to foster an attitude of tolerance and care for others as well as awareness to help each other between communities.

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