• Luthfie Arguby


SASTRATSUKI-SPARRING (Student's Peer Learning for Reading and Writing), a peer learning program designed for the students of English Letters 2015, will mark its first execution on April 4th, 2016. Thus, the department gathered the mentors from English Letters students 2013, previously selected through a test, in English Letters office on Thursday 24 March 2016 for a briefing. Lilik Untari and SF. Luthfie Arguby Purnomo guided the mentors on how to select the materials, focusing on Children Literature, and apply them on the discussion with reading and writing skill as the emphasis in the context of peer learning. The two lecturers also explained about the schedules, the procedures, and the the operational processes of SPARRING. The head of deparment added that SPARRING was expected to trigger the willingness of the students to engage in creative writing. She added also that the short stories second semester students would compose would be uploaded to velis.xyz and to EMILY-IKASKA, the alumni's Google Playstore account. (Oyaji)



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