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Student Should Eat Breakfast Everyday

MEDIA-Are you one of the students who are lazy to have breakfast? Breakfast is an important thing for the student to study and do their activities. Breakfast has become a necessity for students, but until now there are still many people especially the student who ignore breakfast. Even though, breakfast is good for our physical and psychological health.

The first advantage that we will get on having breakfast is a healthy breakfast can increase concentration and memory of children. A healthy breakfast that contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber, and enough water will help increase concentration and memory. So that children will be able to reach their achievements because they can absorb all the lessons in school. When children eat breakfast, the brain will get nutritional intake. Then, if the brain has received food and nutritional intake, the brain gets a signal that the body is ready to start activities. The brain will wake up the system in the body and begin the metabolic process to carry out activities throughout the day. Moreover, the research conducted by Pergizi Pangan Indonesia says that consumption of healthy breakfast plays a big role for students due to it can increase enthusiasm, prevent fatigue, increase concentration during learning to help in improving academic achievement, and keep the immune system.

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