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Technology Upgrading for Lecturers at English Letters Department

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Technology has become inseparable aspect in education today. It is not only because of the outbreak of corona virus but also to keep up with the rapid development of the era. It is one of the main drives for English Letters Department in holding “Technology Upgrading for Novelty of Education in English Letters” on Wednesday, 22nd September 2021.

Attended by all the lecturers of English Letters Department, the workshop was led by one of technology enthusiasts, Muhammad Romdoni Prakoso, M.Pd. The event was focusing on the use of a media platform, canva, which is highly relevant for many classes in English Letters Department, like Digital Monetization, English for Professional Purpose, Digital Literacy, Subtitling and Dubbing, and also for further professional purposes.

The presentation was running very smoothly. There was also a practice session. The lecturers try to make simple subtitle for a short film. Over all, the workshop is very useful especially for students who are not really familiar with Technology. Students used to ask for professional’s help to make a poster for some events or a sophisticated digital greeting for university. “Now I think I’ll do it all myself,” said Wildi Adila, one of the participants.

The head of the program, Dr. Nur Asiyah, M.A expects that similar program can be held in annual basis not only to improve the skills of the lecturers but also to pass on the knowledge to the students through the classes.

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