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That 'Valkyrie', the Best Graduate

SASTRATSUKI-Isna Iniyati or better known as Isna was the dept's best graduate with GPA 3,56. This was the third time, student from literature mainstream in the dept to ever bear the title and all was a lady. When she was a student, Stage life was synonymous to her student's life. Isna was active in FITK's dancing club, the Tramodiska (Traditional and Modern Dance of IAIN Surakarta). Besides dancing, she also marked her name on drama life. Her role as the Valkyrie Eir in Ludger's Rhapsody der Walkure earned her a praise. Her talents in stage life were in line with her comprehensive abilities on comprehending literary works. It was seen from her analysis on ethics on Dickens' Oliver Twist. These complete practical and theoretical abilities equip Isna to face the real world as a fully-armed 'Valkyrie'. (Oyaji)

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