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The Annual Competition of English Students (ACES)

MEDIA-ACES (Annual competition of English Students) is a great annual event of English Letters major. ACES is held in the 4th floor of Cultures and Languages Faculty building, ACES provides some events like the previous years, but this year and the events that are provided by ACES also a little bit different than the years before.

The first event that is provided by ACES 2019 is G-Maps Description Competitions that is participated by English Letters Students from 2nd Semester, and English Broadcasting Competitions Event that is participated by English Letters Students from 4th Semester. Those competitions are held for the first time in ACES. The selection of those competitions for becoming winners is selected by lecturers who teach that lessons. They will choose three works of those students which are the best from each subject.

The second event is PREPOSITION (Pre Proposal Seminar Prepositions). This event is also new, this PREPOSITION is participated by Eglish Letters Students from the 6th Semester. The presentation is presented by students based on their mainstream. The aim of PREPOSITION is to improve their confidence in speaking in front of a lot of audiences so that if they face the real Proposal Seminar Prepositions, they have had an illustration to prepare their seminar to be better.

And the last is a seminar with the theme “Drop The Mic! Master of Ceremony from A to Z” that is delivered by Mr. Albertus Agung Yowono. This theme is different from the previous years, and the audiences are so excited to join that seminar. They are so enthusiastic about joining in every single presentation and game that are given by the speakers. This seminar with that theme does not mean that we have to drop our mic when we become Master of Ceremony, but it means to give some steps to the audiences for becoming a professional Master of Ceremony.

ACES 2019 is an annual event that is held by English Letters Students. The event is great since it provides some events that are new and different from the previous ACES in previous years. The events that are included in ACES help students, and all the participants of those events improve their skill in many cases.

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