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The Best Graduate Goes to Siti Kurniati Rasyad of English Letters

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

SASTRATSUKI-IAIN Surakarta Commencement XXXIII opened a special curtain for English Letters. Siti Kurniati Rasyad or best known for her nick name Nia stepped the stairs to reach the podium to deliver her commencement speech implying a mark that Nia is the best graduate in the Commencement. In her speech the Celebese expressed her gratitude to the lecturers of the institute especially those of English Letters for sharing their knowldge and skills and guiding her to reach one of her dreams. In the interview with Sastratsuki, the girl with GPA 3,81 said that she would never forget the memories she had when she studied in the deparment as those memories were one of the prettiest to reminisce. (Oyaji)

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