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MEDIA-Are you have cell phone addiction? Are you the type of person who is anxious if you forget to bring your cell phone when going out of the house? Every day, new technology is growing rapidly and in this era cell phones have evolved dramatically as their use has increased. Cell phones have become a very important part of people’s daily lives. Cell phones can be categorized into four parts, they are a smartphone, camera phone, music phone, and basic phone. All of these types have their own function. To all average people, especially people use the cell phone for about nine hours in a day. It has shown that they have been addicted to the use of cell phones. So, if they have been addicted to them, they will get some negative impacts because they are too often using cell phones. Addiction and a huge reliance on cell phones carry some risks on human development and health. The risk can include emotional, physical, and psychological.

The first impact of a cell phone is they will totally be addicted to texting, excess messaging can lead to Teen Tendonitis (TTT). It can cause pain in the hands, back, and neck due to poor posture. TTT can also lead to impaired vision and even arthritis. The second impact, a cell phone will make you become stress. Having a cell phone will tempt you to spend all day talking and texting with your friends in social media or anything else, instead of doing anything productive. Based on research people who spend too much of their time with cell phones are more prone to stress and fatigue, and sometimes it can lead to psychological disorders. The next, mobile phones lead to a lot of accidents. Many people drive or walk on the road while texting or talking on mobile phones. There is a high risk of an accident if they are talking on a mobile phone and driving as they are driving their half attention to mobile phone and are having half attention on the road. They talk and text on a mobile phone without realizing that it can cost their lives. Too often in using a cell phone can cause a risk of cancer. Research shows that electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones get absorbed in the tissues when we hold the phone for longer times. Especially for teen, their nervous system is still developing and have a greater risk of developing brain cancer from mobile phones than the adult.

​Actually, it is great to be part of the growing technological world, and everyone should enjoy its benefits. Nevertheless, every technology that provides such benefits come with a consequent too. It includes a cell phone, a cell phone provides benefits for its user, but they also have some negative impact as the consequent. So, to avoid the risks caused by the cell phone, we should to be wise and careful on using it.

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