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The Superstars of English Literature Students Won The Competition

English Letters students of IAIN Surakarta won the National Creative Video Contest with the theme "Aku dan Musem", which was held by the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK). They are Asyrof Abdullthif and team who are students of English Letters class of 2014.

Announced on November 24, Asyrof and team won the first runner-up in the general category by sending a 5-minute creative video entitled “Museum Adalah Kita”. One of their team representatives, Dwi Permata, explained one of their reasons to be participant in this event. "As the young generation, it is our duty to preserve the cultural heritage that has been passed down by our ancestors. One of which is to like visiting museums."

No less proud, Kamila Yasmin, an English Letters student class of 2018 also won first place in the most unique short story category at the National Short Story Anthology Competition held by Salam Pedia. Using the theme of "Kehidupan", she submitted a work entitled The Rotten Apple, which tells about a life that continues to change a person's character.

"This story describes humans who have persisted in the past as not being able to accept change. One of its moral values ​​is to give a message that grudges are toxic."

She will get several benefits and her work will be published in a book which will be her second book. Previously, Kamila already had an anthology book entitled Panacea from the International writing competition from Fix My Language.

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