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Three Studium Generale, One A.N.G.E.L 

SASTRATSUKI-English Letters, Arabic Letters, and Islamic History Departments with the assistance of EMILY Student Guild held a Studium Generale. 'Technopreneurship with English, Arabic, and History contents' is the theme backgrounding the event. The theme, based on the committee, was selected to provide insights to the students of the three departments regarding with entrepreneurship based alternate vacancies they might take in the future. Muhammad Rosyid, the creative manager of CV Kedawung, was invited to transmit his skill and knowledge in animation and flash based game technopreneurship to the students.

The Studium Generale was divided into three parts. They were Studium Generale, Meet the Dept, and Cultural Showcase. The Studium Generale was aimed at sharing knowledge and skills for the three departments, Meet the Dept at providing private time for the lecturers and students to share about their department, and Cultural Showcase at entertaining the audiences with Janger dance from TRAMODISKA, FITK's dancing club, and English drama from TENTACLE, FITK's English drama club. For Meet the Dept, English Letters presented A.N.G.E.L (Acknowledging New Generations for English Letters). In the event, Lilik Untari, the head of department, and SF. Lukfianka Sanjaya Purnama presented and launched the department's site and LENS (Lecturer EvaluatioN by Students), an app based lecturer monitoring system.             (Oyaji) 

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