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Unity in Diversity II, Strengthen Tolerance Between Religious Communities Through Cultural Diversity

Surakarta (01/03), English Literature Student Association (HMPS SI), had done the first work program, “Unity in Diversity II, Strengthen Tolerance Between Religious Communities Through Cultural Diversity”. It did in the hall of Culture and Language Faculty, the fourth floor. That seminar was held on Thursday, 01 March 2022, since at 10:00 AM o’clock up to 16:00 PM o’clock.

The seminar had varians of agendas. It was started from opening, reciting holy book (Al-Quran), singing Indonesia Raya song, giving speeches, discussion, and it was ended by closing. The opening was led by master of ceremony. Reciting Al-Quran was filled by Mr. Shinreino Mohammed. Singing Indonesia Raya was led by Mrs. Rofiah Tri Hastuti as coryphaeus. Giving speeches was delivered by coordinator of English Literature Studenation, Mr. Zaenal Muttaqin and the head master of English Literature Studenation, Mrs. Nur Asiyah. Meanwhile, the discussion was filled by two presenters, they were Mr. Adjie Najhudin and Pst. Jokanan Unus Prayitna, with Mr. Syahrul Mukarrom as the moderator. And, the last agenda was closing by praying together.

There were ±50 offline audiences and ±20 online audiences (YouTube live streaming), and some of delegation from UMS and other faculty who followed the seminar. All of audiences got snack, handbag, and some food from committes except the audiences who joined online. Besides, either offline audiences or online audiences got certificate by soft file form because the committes were difficult in getting fund.

English Literature Student Association (HMPS SI) made the seminar was aimed to make all participants aware that our campus was uphold Religious Moderation. In the other hand, the exist of the seminar was intended to avoid radikalism act and liberalism act event in campus environment and in this country.

Two weeks ago before the day of seminar, members of English Literature Student Association (HMPS SI) had 2 meetings to consult and discuss the concept of the seminar. They prepared some of plans in order that, if the main plan which was written in rundown got failed they still could use the other plan to make that seminar succesfull. Yet, when the agenda had been done, all of the committes gathered to make evaluation. The result, Mr. Irawan conveyed just q little wrongness in running the agenda and then he had been convincing that the event ran well as far as the hope.

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