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Welcome VELVET!

SASTRATSUKI-English Letters and English Education's technopreneurship expo, FAIRY SALE (Simple Applications for Learning English), will no longer be exhibited since English Education withdrew their participation. To keep the spirit of technopreneurship that has been sown since 2010, English Letters decided to preserve the expo tradition by holding VELVET (Venturing English Letters Via Educational Technology), especially designed to be literaturesque.

In constructing a literaturesque atmosphere, the meeting in 1 November 2016 between the lecturers and EMILY decided to hold seven events in VELVET namely (1) digital creative writing expo by the students of English Letters 2014 in which the students will exhibit their movies and video games to the public (2) visual novel competition for the mentees of SPARRING II (3) public speaking contest for Advanced Integrative Skill in English coursetakers (4) Arabic speech contest for Arabic Letters students (5) Short story writing competition for high school students (6) digital creative writing workshop for teachers and students (7) discussion with teachers on the establishment of AsESS (Asosiasi Edugames Se-Surakarta). VELVET will start on 19-22 December 2016 in Graha IAIN Surakarta.   


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